Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Adjusting to the new normal

Summer has quickly come to an end.  Summer never seems long enough, but it was especially short this year with my stroke.  It is still surreal to know that it was only a little over 2 months ago that I was in the hospital and couldn't even walk.  I have made huge progress in a short amount of time, and again so thankful for everything!  I can walk, run, practice yoga, drive, do almost all of the things I used to be able to do 2 1/2 months ago, but it is still a new normal.  I still get tired quicker, light headed and headaches off and on.  My body constantly reminds me that I'm not like I used to be.

McKenzie River Trail
On August 8th I returned to work.  It was a transition getting back to work, but overall it went smoothly.  I met with my students last week, which was great, but it was also very tiring.  I began getting headaches again for a week straight, so working on my exercises didn't happen as frequently.  Luckily I have this week off to recoup again before the school year officially starts next Monday for us. 

I have ran a couple more times with our Zao Fit friends.  I thought I would try to bump up my length of intervals and tried a mile on with a few minutes rest then another mile.  Felt great and I wasn't burnt out, but the next day was when my headaches returned.  Trying to run/exercise more and working full days was too much on my brain and body, and it told me!  I still went to yoga, cause I love it, but took it real easy.  

This past weekend we took a little weekend getaway to the McKenzie River for some mountain fun.  I did only hiking...well I won't lie, jogged a couple minutes here and there.  I mean you can't bring me to a trail and expect me to not run on it!  But I was good :)  We hiked along the McKenzie River Trail for 3 miles one day and the next day we hiked the Sahalie and Koosah Falls loop trail...about another 3 miles.  We enjoyed the scenery, talked with other fellow hikers, and embraced the beauty around us.  We also kayaked on Clear Lake for a couple hours.  I just love being in the mountains and enjoying God's beauty.  It was literally a breath of fresh air for us after everything.

Sahalie Falls
Chris is continuing to run and begin bumping up his mileage to train for the Silver Falls 50k.  I REALLY wanted to try and take a leap and at least do the 7 miler, but I let my ego go and signed up to volunteer instead.  No need to reverse my progress!!  It's been really hard for me not running and working out like I want to be.  Whenever I think I can do more, I pay for it the next week.  I have to get used to a new normal for me.  I only hope that I can run like I used to and be able to run my first ultra marathon someday.  I have high hopes that maybe in fall 2017 I might be able to, but it could be 2018 by the time I am healthy enough to put in the strength needed to train.  In the meantime, I'll coach Chris :)  
He's also been having to adjust to the new normal as well.  I was the one that got him into running 6 years ago and have ran with him on most of our runs since then.  So in sum it sucks for both of us to not have me run.  I will try to hop on the bike soon with Chloe on the back and go with him that way, but I need to feel comfortable first.  I've been on the bike once around our house for 3 miles, up hills...it was tiring, but balance was fine.  He's been doing well though in keeping up with his runs.  There are days when he knows I'm super tired so he will stay home with Chloe so I can rest, but he gets in a good long run each week.  I'm so glad we have Jerry and Julie to help run with him...which they also signed up for the Silver Falls 50k :)  Chris continues to love his endurance pack from Orange Mud.  He drinks all 70 oz. on any long run.  I was able to use my single barrel pack while hiking this weekend too...felt like home :)  (here's a discount code if you want to try out some Orange Mud AB151-95)

We're still adjusting to life after a stroke, but continue to live well and enjoy life.

Koosah Falls

Kayaking at Clearlake

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