Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Work, rest and relaxation

Celebratory Run!!!
These past couple weeks have been full of home projects, work, and most importantly, rest and relaxation.  Chris has been picking up his running again now that I'm somewhat back to normal.  He will usually take off from our house to run down to the park, then Chloe and I meet up with him after our 2 mile walk and playing at the playground.  Last week I went to my physical therapy appointment and she said that my balance is really good and that she doesn't really need to see me anymore...I'm really okay for no PT anymore???  YES!!!  She even said I could try to run a little.  SO of course I did!  I did a 2 mile interval with a 2 minute jog and 3 minute walk with the jogging stroller.  Our friends Julie and Jerry Mullins joined us from Zao Fit (they recently just did a marathon, so this was a nice and easy slow and short recovery run/walk for them).  It felt decent...a little woozy at the end and I had Chris take the stroller to see how I did without support and my right leg gave out a little, but I caught it.  So all in all a celebratory run!!  Thanks for coming Julie and Jerry!

Last weekend we set out for a short camping trip at the beach.  We stayed at the Winema Christian Campground with Chris's parents.  It was so nice, because it is right on the beach.  I just love being near the ocean and watching the waves crash.  And of course watching the beautiful sunsets!  My brother and sister-in law came out as well with our niece.  Chloe didn't think much of the sand, but was okay once we got to the harder sand.  I did a lot of walking and jogged a little with both Chloe and our niece Evie.  So while I didn't set out for "planned" workouts, I did a lot of exercise.  Chris also did an 11 mile run along 101 to Pacific City...good job babe!

Chris setting out for his run with OM Endurance Pack

Last night I did my first short circuit workout using Fit Achiever.  These workouts will are just perfect for getting back some strength and endurance.  They are super convenient as they are only 15-25 minutes long, and you get a good burn in!  Chris was even tired, so it's not just for those getting back in shape, it's for everyone!  After our circuit we headed to Beer and Yoga with Mikki Trowbridge leading the way.  I really go for the yoga, not the beer, but it's a fun and active way to get together with friends and meet some new people.  I haven't done an actual class in a while aside from my stuff at home, so this was a good test to see how my balance is...especially being on uneven grass.  I can say that I did great!  I was able to do all of the poses, as well as some poses I haven't tried in a long time.  It was a great way to end a Monday.  I love being outdoors and this was a beautiful peaceful setting.  I can't wait for the next one!!

Other fun and exciting news is that our friends at Orange Mud accepted our ambassador application, so we are official Orange Mud Ambassadors!!!  (notice the new badge on the left side!) We are super excited to be part of the team.  What this means is that we will continue to use our awesome OM products and let you all know how you can enjoy their products as well.  We will get to try new products and also help in any new and innovative ways to create new things!!  Pretty cool huh?! We can never say enough good things about this company, and the CEO is just plain out awesome.  He's helping me work out details to get the cross country team I help coach some water bottles this season.

It's been a week of successes and continued progress.  So happy and blessed to be here each and every day!  Stay positive, keep pushing, and remember the good in every day!! Cheers!
Orange Mud always my companion anywhere I go

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