Saturday, September 17, 2016

Still learning to adjust

I've been back to my job officially now for 2 weeks at the high school and am continuing to learn to adjust to my new normal.  Each day I struggle with doing what I want to do versus doing what I can do.  This has been a learning and reflection process for both me and Chris.  I worked the first week and helped with the cross country team for 1 day, then was completely exhausted and wiped out over the weekend.  The start of the second week of school, I began to have some tingling sensations in my left arm.  I was not experiencing any other symptoms, so I knew I was "okay" but I also knew I wasn't resting enough.  I checked in with my doctor and just as I was going to start doing, they told me to cut back my hours and rest more.  

I have made the big girl decision to begin putting myself first a bit more (this is SO hard!).  I have cut out coaching cross country.  This was saddening as running is my passion.  It's hard enough to not be able to run again (yes I took a few steps back and am no longer running) but now I can't even help coach.  Yes, you read right, I'm not running the little bit that I was anymore.  I was not letting myself rest enough, so exercise has not been happening like I would like it too...again super hard to let go.  Everyone has been super supportive and understanding, but it is still hard to accept my new reality.  I am learning to leave work early to take a nap and rest.  I've cut back 1 hour, but I know it needs to be more.  I haven't been good about letting Chris do more around the house, but we're getting there.  
Rogue at 6 weeks old
Orange Mud will always be with us
He is making more adjustments to help me rest and not be stressed, which leads to the next thing that was cut out.  

Chris has decided not to race the 50k this November as time has been the enemy.  He is still running when he can, but the time needed to train for a 31 mile trail race can be tricky.  This is true for anyone, but with my health condition it adds on more.  Chris has been the best husband a girl can ask for and continues to do so much for me and Chloe.  He knows I need to rest more, so he's doing more around the house and helping with Chloe.  For someone with ADD, this only helps him, right :)  There's always plenty to do around here.
Rogue got tired on our walk
The other thing that is taking up more time for us is that we took home a new puppy 3 weeks ago!
Building the fence
We now have 9 week old German Shepard named Rogue.  Chris has wanted one forever, and we just couldn't pass up the opportunity that was presented to us.  So while I don't know that this was the perfect time to get a new puppy, it's still worth it.  And when is there ever a perfect time for anything!  Chris, his brothers and step-dad built a fence in one weekend and we got Rogue all the fixings a puppy needs.  He is just like any other puppy...chewing and biting everything and pooping and peeing in the house.  I'm definitely over cleaning up after him, but I know it's only temporary.  He has adjusted well to his new home and Chloe and DC (kitty) are also adjusting to him.  Chloe seems to like him, but not when she is tired and taking all of her toys :)  
Jeff helping Chloe clean
Fence is up!
We've enjoyed some friend time with our friends from California over Labor Day weekend.  We showed them a few of our favorite places in Salem and the state fair.  This was nice to see them, we miss them so much!  

Life is still good and we are SO thankful and blessed for all of the things given to us.  It's hard to accept the things that life throws at you sometimes; whether it's a health condition, a job, injury, etcetera.  However, I believe we are all given these "tests" for one reason or another.  I have learned more in the last 3 months the importance of a support network, letting others help you, and know that it's okay to put yourself first sometimes. 

Chloe and Rogue playing together
<3 my family                  

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