Saturday, March 26, 2016

Training run 3/26/16

muddy bottle
I started off my solo run today at 9 am
muddy leg
Bush Park
it was a little wet out but not raining.  I was wearing my Mizuno trail shoes because I knew I would be running in the park on some dirt trails. I started off from our house in west Salem and headed toward Wallace Marine park, the first 2 miles were all paved. I was feeling pretty good at that point maintaining a 8 minute pace. Once I got to the park I headed toward the dirt trail, which I found out was really muddy from the rain last night. I was being cautious, but I still slipped in the mud while jumping over a large puddle of water in the pathway. I was able to get right up and keep running with no injuries, just got a little muddy. I continued on over the bridge and ran along the river front toward the carousel. I cleaned myself off a little in the restroom and headed out toward Bush Park, I was at mile 5 feeling really good. Once a got to the park I followed the trail around the outside, which was also very muddy. The park was really pretty; the flowers were blooming. I decided to go around it twice that put me at mile 8 (took my first energy gel at mile 7). At this point I headed back the same way I came. Back to the muddy trail where I had slipped...this time I made it without falling in the mud! Took another energy gel at mile 12. I was feeling really tire,d but I needed to finish. Mile 15 was up a really steep hill. I really wanted to stop and walk, but I told myself I just had 1 more mile and I'm done, so I kept going knowing the finish was down hill! I finished my run in  2 hours 7 minutes 16 miles                                                               averaging 7:58 per mile.

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