Saturday, March 26, 2016


Today is a cloudy gloomy morning.  Started the day off making breakfast for my family and enjoying my coffee.  Chris is out running before the rain hits while I nurse my tailbone after my fall yesterday. Injuries can really put a damper on training, but somehow you fight through.  I'd rather be able to run in the future than never run again, so rest and ice are important! I've struggled with injuries off an on since my running career began in high school.  I have learned that keeping an injury prevention regime is super important to maintain flexibility and strength.  The foam roller and I have a love/hate relationship (here's a great article on using a foam roller  I use it mostly for my IT band, but it is such a great tool for every muscle.  For now, I will hold off on running for a few days, ice my tailbone and do gentle stretching and some upper body strength training to continue to maintain fitness.
Icing my poor bum!!

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