Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Running or not running with a bummed bum

So it's been 5 days since I slipped on the bridge and fell right on my tailbone.  I took off a few days of running and ran 3 miles easy yesterday.  It felt a little sore, but the run was completely bearable and didn't bother me.  So I thought I could run easy again today...I was wrong.  I went to almost 2 miles and began to feel more pressure on my tailbone.  I listened to by body and stopped.  As any athlete knows, taking time off when all you want to do is run or workout is SO HARD!!  Especially today when it was 73 degrees and sunny (if you live in Oregon, you know what I mean!). But I still enjoyed the weather while walking with Chloe through the park while Chris continued to run.  Tonight's recipe is icing more and stretching.  The rest of the week looks like more icing, gentle stretching (maybe some yoga), upper body strength training, and resting that tailbone.  
Oh, and I also randomly will start doing air squats and lunges at my desk at work too :)
Right now I can't help but think of my best friend Melissa who hasn't been able to run since her courageous IronMan last June.  She just recently got the okay to begin running again, though her injury is still there.  This amazing woman has taught me so much about the importance of training smart and listening to your body.  Things didn't work out how she wanted to after her race, but she continues to listen to doctors, listen to her body, and TAKE CARE of herself.  She still is active with fitness, but in different ways, which is what I will be doing.  I hope to be able to race on the 9th in our Dragon Run 5k that will help support the Dallas Education Fund.  But if I'm not ready, then I'm not ready.  For now, I will keep my goals in mind and take my recovery one day at a time. 

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