Saturday, April 30, 2016

This past week we have had some awesome group runs.  We set out last weekend for a geocaching run at Aaron Mercer Reservoir.  We met up with our friends from Zao fit; Julie & Jerry Mullins, Chris Owens, and Kim B., who organized the geocache, and Paul who hooked us up with with some Garmin watches to test out.  We set out for 15 miles of scavenging and running fun.  It was a beautiful overcast morning, with a little drizzle here and there, but perfect for running.  We stopped at the infamous "Oregon Rock", as Julie calls it, for our first geocache and picture.  Kim really knows her geocache!  

We continued on up the hill and eventually found ourselves at the beautiful reservoir.  It is such a hidden gem outside of Dallas, OR that not many people know about because it's 7 miles up a gravel road that is often locked by gates used for the gravel company.  So unless you are an avid runner or mountain bike rider, you may never get to see this beautiful, peaceful place.  It was wonderful to see this body of water, barely touched in the quiet peaceful hills of the Oregon coast range.  

We had a few more geocaches around here, and our favorite was the one under the bridge because the boys climbed under the bridge and monkeyed across the water when they realized it was on the other side.  We had a blast enjoying the beautiful scenery and spending time with great people.  

The crew on the way back down the hill
Searching for the geocache under the bridge

This weekend was a bit of a smaller group, and we set out for 16 miles on the road.  We started in Dallas near the hospital and ran to Monmouth.  Once in Monmouth at mile 8 we decided to run back through the beautiful WOU campus (my old stomp'n the way I just realized I graduated from here 10 years ago!!).  So what started as 16 miles, was now going to be a little over 17 miles.  The course itself was nice and flat, but the country roads were long and straight!  Sometimes these kind of runs are the hardest for me because it is more of a mental game when you see the road going on and on forever.  Eventually we did make it back to Dallas and I was proud of myself for running 17 miles, going that extra mile to help myself catch up on my miles after being injured.  I think I earned myself a nice iced vanilla latte from my favorite coffee shop, Pressed, this morning :) 


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