Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Finding Balance

The view at the top of the hill from Chris's long run
Hi!!  I'm almost to the top!
Whoa, with that killer hill!?!
Wow, we’ve taken a little break from blogging…time to get to it!  This past week has been full of training, eating well, and having fun; finding that perfect balance.  I am slowly getting back into a routine after falling about a month ago.  Last week’s miles weren’t huge, but it’s a start after taking almost 3 weeks off.  On Friday Chris decided he would run home from work.  He ran from Dallas to our house in West Salem, a total of 13.1 miles, averaging a 7:57 pace.  It’s a fairly flat course until you get to our huge West Salem hills.  He said it was killer, but well worth it.  The view is beautiful at the top, then you’re greeted with a nice easy downhill (a little steep) the rest of the way home…well until our last hill to our house, but that’s usually part of the cool down.  The weather was perfect for Chris and he was glad he did it.  I wasn’t quite ready for that long of a run yet, plus I had to pick up our baby girl.

Pretty country
I started partaking in more strength training using the 21 day fix videos from Beach Body.  I’m part of an accountability group led by an old high school friend Amanda Razey-Malarkey.  She’s an amazing coach and a great person to keep you inspired.  Last Tuesday I did the lower body fix...can you say lunges!!!  My legs were on fire, but it was awesome.  The run after this was a little rough but well worth it.  On Thursday I did “Yoga Fix” (I love yoga) and Saturday I did the “Dirty 30” workout.  It felt great to get those other muscles working that you just can’t get from running alone.  It’s amazing at how sore I feel after these too!!  But it gets easier each time. 
So far this week I have been getting up earlier to get my 30 minute strength workout in.  It is SOOOO tempting to stay in my nice warm, comfortable bed, but I have to remind myself of why I NEED that 30 minutes.  The more strength I have, the better I will feel in all parts of my life.  Not only will it help my running and prepare me better for the hills, but I will be fit and like the way I look! (Always a bonus J ).  I have also noticed that I have more energy in the morning and how it really gets my day going.  This is something to keep up!

Dad playing
Jump higher mom!
I'm coming dad!
Playing on the play structure
Our weekend was mostly full of fun with Chloe and relaxing.  While I still did my strength workouts and some running, we mostly wanted to enjoy the nice weather, work around the yard, and spend time with our daughter.  We took her to the River Front park on Saturday and stumbled across the MS Walk.  We played in the park and had a ball chasing Chloe and listening the awesome drum line that was part of the MS Walk.  I also took it upon myself to get a little extra workout in while pushing Chloe on the swing and did some jump squats.  She thinks it’s hilarious and we have fun doing it together.  On Sunday I was feeling extremely tired and took a little nap, then felt energized and wanted to run.  Chris was still feeling sore from Friday’s long run, so he rode the bike with Chloe while I ran.  I set out for 4 miles, and ended up going 5.  Chloe wasn’t having it on the bike after about 3 miles (I think she hates her helmet), so Chris took her to play until I was finished.  

One thing you really learn about life when training is that it is all about balance.  I am figuring out each day how to structure my days and get time for both running and strength training that will benefit me.  Also making time for family is extremely important. I miss not being able to stay at home with my daughter, so I really cherish those times with her when I get home from work.  Sometimes it just feels like there is never enough time in the day! Okay maybe it ALWAYS feels like that J.

Have a great week everyone and find the balance that works for you!

"I don't like my helmet guys!"

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