Saturday, April 2, 2016

Rest and relaxation with Barkley, While Chris runs 20 miles.

I am going on a week of being injured with a bruised tailbone.  Chris went out this morning for a 20 miler with our friends from Zao Fit while I stayed in bed with our daughter resting.  I wish I could've been out there running, but my tailbone told me differently yesterday.  I did a workout video on Thursday focusing on my upper body with some ab work.  For the abs I made sure it didn't bother me when I was on the ground, but come Friday, I was sore for most of the day.  So I guess I pushed it too much this week.  Where I went wrong...trying to run easy a couple days, a weight workout, and not enough icing.  I didn't listen to what my gut told head got in the way.  My tailbone feels the same as it did last weekend soon after I fell; not good.  Today I have been icing frequently and trying to take it easy while playing with Chloe and doing chores around the house.  

Tonight I am relaxing watching The Barkley Marathons documentary on Netflix.  I've watched a video before on YouTube not too long ago, but since this one just came out, I thought I would continue to stay inspired and watch this amazing crazy race.  It's so hard to imagine running for 60 hours around the woods, usually by yourself.  This has to be the most challenging race on the planet and is only for the strongest of strong...I believe only 16 individuals have completed this race that takes place in the beautiful hills of Tennessee.  It's approximately 100 miles, but many say it comes out to be 130.  Runners complete five 20 mile loops with only a map and what they can take on their backs, taking book pages as a way to ensure they have made it to each check point  It's so amazing to see those attempt this and even more amazing to see those who actually complete this course.  An inspiring film to watch for any athlete.

Here are a few pictures from Chris's training  run.

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