Thursday, April 7, 2016

Hot failed attempt at a 6 mile run.

Well today I set off to run 6 miles after work. I walked all day at work in the heat 80's most of the day. My work truck said 86 degrees outside at 4:00pm. I got to work changed into shorts and joked to my co-workers that they might have to come pick me up on the side of the road in 5 minutes from dehydration. I did bring a 20oz water bottle(Orange mud) with me and i'm glad I did. I got about a mile in and wasn't feeling it. I think my mind was elsewhere today and the heat was already getting to me. So I stopped for a water break and a breather. I kept thinking about the bad news we got today at work. Our department is going to automate our positions, so they will no longer need PEOPLE to do the job they are going to use computers instead which means 103 people are going to be without work(including me). I think that was bogging me down a bit. I started off on my second mile I was trying to be in the shade as much as possible but it wasn't helping I just couldn't get a rhythm going. I told myself just keep going until you make it back to the car. I ended up running 3.25 mile. when I stopped I could feel the heat radiating off my body. I'm glade I stopped it was to hot. My body isn't ready for the big jump in temperature I guess.

Update on Stacie:
She has been resting and icing. Her tailbone seems to be feeling a little better. she is going to try to run the Dragon 5K on Saturday and maybe run a little Sunday with the Zao fit group if she is feeling good!

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